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Choose Leaders Denying reality, avoiding personal obligation, and taking actions, which seem to precipitate, potential crises, rather than pursuing, a well – taken into consideration, strategic and action plan, and considering immediate, intermediate, and longer – time period impacts, and ramifications, isn’t always authentic management! It ought to be, the duty, and responsibility of those, we choose to serve and constitute us, should SOLVE, in preference to creating, problems!

How often, in the past three 1/2 years, have we witnessed, President Donald Trump, either, take positive actions, or avoid, doing so, in a timely manner (whilst movement changed into needed, and indicated), and, then, whilst, some perceived crisis, turned into created, are seeking for to take credit, for managing the crisis? For example, an examination, of America’s response, to this bad pandemic, become harmed, with the aid of Trump’s timeline, of warding off, taking actions, such as a great deal of the relaxation of the arena did, in a timely, well – considered manner.

To this day, the strategy of, denying, minimizing, and, then, apparently, refusing to Pills Fect comply with the advice of public fitness experts, has put the fitness, and well – being of many citizens, at – risk. With that in mind, this article will strive to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, the usage of the mnemonic approach, what this indicates and represents, and why it matters.

  • 1. Sustainable; service; solutions; stronger; system: Wishing or hoping for something, doesn’t usually, get the results, desired! To do so, a well – taken into consideration, exceptional system, based on relevant, sustainable solutions, is needed! We need leaders, who emphasize and cognizance on providing exceptional service, and making us stronger, and higher.
  • 2. Options; opportunities; open – minded: To be taken into consideration a true leader, one ought to consider, a range of options and alternatives, in an open – minded, manner, with the intention to be ready, willing and able, to take advantage of opportunities, and/ or, create the great opportunity, as – needed, and necessary!
  • 3. Listen; learn; lessons; leadership: Genuine management requires efficaciously listening, and learning, from every conversation, and experience, on the way to learn vital lessons, from every challenge, and avoid, making the same mistakes, over, again!
  • 4. Visionary; values; value; variety/ various: Wouldn’t we be, better off, having visionary leaders, rather than those, handiest considering, the identical – old, same – old? When a leader’s values, align with the citizen’s needs, and he provides authentic value, all of us benefit! This requires considering a selection of options and alternatives, and taking various courses of movement, to choose, the first-rate path, to pursue!
  • 5. Empathy; emphasis; efforts; effective; excellence: Demand the utmost degree of authentic empathy, from every leader, so he will place his emphasis, and efforts, where they’ll provide, the only plans, and results! Never accept, good – enough, when excellence, is extra desirable!

Choose leaders, who SOLVE, as opposed to make excuses, blame others, and often, create a crisis, and, then, strive, to take credit, for overcoming, these, self – inflicted wounds! It’s time to make America sane, again!

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, carried out personal improvement seminars, and worked on political campaigns, for four decades. Rich has written three books and lots of articles.

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